Decarbonize your apparel brand with Sixone’s circular materials

Sixone transforms post-consumer polyester-blended textiles from landfill waste into high-quality polyester pellets.

The Challenge with Recycling Textiles

Blended textiles are chemically complex

Clothing primarily consists of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) blended with fibers, chemical additives, dyes and performance finishes to achieve form, function, and feel.

Current industrialized recycling solutions lack the capability to recycle blended textiles, which are chemically complex.

Fundamental materials science innovations are needed to enable true circularity of these chemical blends.



kg of global textile waste is recycled



kg of clothing sheds into microplastics from regular use



kg of textile waste is landfilled annually, polluting the planet

Only 1% of textile waste is currently recycled

We focus on the other 99%

Sixone’s artificial intelligence and data-enabled technology selectively extracts polyester from blended textile waste to efficiently produce PET pellets for textile manufacturing.

Validated by manufacturers

The performance of Sixone’s circularly recycled polyester is on par with the quality of polyester derived from virgin fossil fuels and recycled plastic bottles, and is a drop-in alternative for textile manufacturers.

Design freely

The future of high-performance apparel requires the blending of different fibers. We navigate the intricacies of recycling blended textiles, empowering brands to design for performance and functionality.

Powerhouse in understanding chemistries

Our growing chemical fingerprint database on complex fabrics is expanding the limits of blended textile recycling.

Our Technology

Our Goal

Helping you achieve material circularity goals

Over 400 apparel brands have pledged to increase their use of recycled materials and implement take-back programs by 2025 and 2030. 

Sixone supports these brands on their path to materials circularity, by offering a solution to unlock and reuse the polyester trapped in blended clothing waste in textile manufacturing.

Who we work with

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Sixone’s circular polyester is within reach

Connect with us to explore how we can collaborate to fulfill your materials circularity commitments.

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