Unlocking circularity for post-consumer plastics

Materials science and fundamental data are at the heart of Sixone.


Targeted Recycling Enabled by Artificial Intelligence

Sixone is revolutionizing the circular recycling of blended plastics by mapping the world’s plastics waste data, starting with the plastics found in post-consumer textiles.

While transforming the textile industry is our initial focus, our core technology is adaptable to other sectors. This paves the way for more nuanced and efficient recycling solutions for blended plastics across various industries.

led by a seasoned team of business and material science experts

Meet the Founders

Christopher Wai

Co-Founder, CEO

Jin Suntivich

Co-Founder, CTO

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Driven by purpose

We are a team of seasoned scientists, engineers, and business professionals who believe that advancing scientific knowledge of plastic waste is vital for securing a sustainable future on our planet. We have built a place where people can work in a dynamic environment that continually pushes the boundaries.

Our Shared Values:

Science and Data-Driven Decisions

We are steadfast in our commitment to decisions guided by rigorous scientific inquiry and empirical evidence.

Unyielding Curiosity

We thrive on continuous learning and exploration, ensuring we are always at the forefront of innovation.

Challenge the Status Quo

We dare to challenge the conventional, breaking new ground to redefine the possibilities of recycling and sustainability.

Collaborative Synergy

We believe in the power of collaboration, uniting diverse perspectives to achieve shared objectives and drive change.

Sixone’s circular polyester is within reach

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